Shizuoka Gas sets forth below its policy on personal information of its customers, shareholders, and other stakeholders;

1. Safeguarding of personal information

Shizuoka Gas collects personal information of its customers and other stakeholders for the purpose of conducting its business and providing services as well as for responding to inquiries. The personal information includes names, postal addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, and other specific information. We intend to achieve these objectives on the following principles;

  • - Personal information shall be handled appropriately in compliance with rules and regulations.
  • - We clearly define our internal rules on personal information which will be advised to our employees. We also request our business partners to observe these rules.
  • - In collecting personal information, we will notify those concerned the objectives of collecting such information. The collected information shall be used on the basis of the objectives of its collection.
  • - The collected information shall be properly managed by taking necessary actions to safeguard it from leakage, loss, and falsification.
  • - Personal information shall be disclosed, corrected, deleted, or suspended from use, upon request from its proprietor.
  • - Information on corporate customers and clients shall be properly handled in compliance with laws and regulations.

Personal information will be used in strict compliance with laws and regulations. Handling of information by employees and business partners of Shizuoka Gas shall be made under strict rules. All employees of Shizuoka Gas, its affiliates and business partners, have been advised of such rules and this privacy policy.

2. Personal information

Purpose of use

Shizuoka Gas collects information through customers’ application of services, safety inspection, appliance servicing, and other means, as well as through contractors and other affiliated parties and published means such as publicly available telephone directories and maps, etc. Information collected shall be used for the following purposes;

  • - providing customers with energy-related services
  • - conducting work associated with installation of energy supply systems
  • - servicing, replacement, inspection, and other activities related to ensuring safety of energy supply
  • - proving services associated with notification, shut-off, and other activities related to energy supply
  • - other related services on notification of services and products

In implementing its work, Shizuoka Gas uses outside parties including financial institutions, credit card companies, convenience stores, contractors, and other related parties. In doing so, certain customer information may be disclosed to these parties under appropriate supervision of and contracts with Shizuoka Gas on handling of personal information

3. Information disclosure to third parties

Shizuoka Gas, excepting the use of personal information as listed above and in those applicable conditions shown below, does not disclose personal information to any third parties.

  • - Customer’s approval is obtained
  • - Disclosure is required by law
  • - Under circumstances when disclosure is required for protection of human lives, physical and financial property, and under which obtaining proprietor’s approval is difficult
  • - Under circumstances when disclosure is required for public health and public good, and under which obtaining proprietor’s approval is difficult
  • - Under circumstances when disclosure is required in order to cooperate with execution of public duties by government entities