If gas flow stops

Kindly check the following


1.Do you smell gas?
If so, kindly contact our office of your area. (If you smell gas)


2.Is your gas hose tap or appliance tap in use closed?


3.Is there gas flow to other gas appliances?

If so, it is likely that your appliance in use has a problem.

Shizuoka Gas will accept your request for repair of such appliances. (Request for repair)

If there still is no flow of gas

Kindly check your gas meter.


4.Is the meter valve lever below the gas meter horizontal?
If so, turn it to a vertical position to open the gas flow.


5.Is the gas meter light blinking?
If so, kindly follow the restoration procedure. (Restoration of the gas meter)

If the restoration is unsuccessful, kindly contact our office of your area.

Your contact in case of gas leakage or any other emergency:-

Shizuoka Office TEL054-285-2111
Fuji Office TEL0545-52-2260
East Prefecture Office TEL055-927-2811

In case of an earthquake

We may stop the supply of gas to you in case of emergency such as an earthquake.
This will be informed at our web site.