Shizuoka Gas Company, established in 1910, is one of the 211 city gas distributors in Japan. Its business area covers 10 municipalities between Tokyo and Nagoya along the beautiful 64km coastline of the Pacific near Mt. Fuji. Currently, we supply city gas to approximately 300,000 customers in 7 cities and 3 towns, including Shizuoka and Fuji cities.

Over the years, the role of city gas as an energy source has changed greatly. Its applications have expanded from gas lamps and other forms of illumination to an energy source for the domestic cooking and heating and for industry. Originally made from coal and later petroleum, most city gas now uses highly environment-friendly natural gas.

By encouraging the use of natural gas, so that the beauty of the Earth can be preserved for future generations, Shizuoka Gas is working in the interests of its home region. Also the Company is determined to go beyond its conventional service territory for further growth.

Corporate Profile

(As of April 1, 2016)

Company Name


Head Office

1-5-38 Yahata, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka 422-8688


April 16, 1910


¥6,279 million

Supply Area

Shizuoka City, Fuji City, Fujinomiya City, Numazu City, Mishima City, Susono City, Fukuroi City, Shimizucho (Sunto-gun), Nagaizumicho (Sunto-gun), Kannamicho (Tagata-gun)

Group Companies

  • Yoshida Gas Co., Ltd. (distributor)
  • Shimoda Gas Co., Ltd. (distributor)
  • Shinshu Gas Co., Ltd. (distributor)
  • Sado Gas Co., Ltd. (distributor)
  • Fukuroi Gas Co., Ltd. (distributor)
  • Chuen Gas Co., Ltd. (distributor)
  • Gotemba Gas Co., Ltd. (distributor)
  • Shimizu LNG Co., Ltd. (LNG receiving terminal)
  • Shizuoka Gas Energy Co., Ltd. (LPG retailer)
  • Shizuoka Gas Credit Co., Ltd. (leasing)
  • Shizuoka Gas Living Co., Ltd. (marketing of gas-fired equipment and systems for the home)
  • Shizuoka Gas Engineering Co., Ltd. (pipeline and plant construction)
  • Shizuoka Gas Services Co., Ltd. (transportation of LNG & LPG)
  • Shizuoka Gas System Solution Co., Ltd. (computer system)
  • Shizuoka Gas Insurance Service Co., Ltd. (insurance agency)
  • Shizuoka Gas & Power Co., Ltd. (Power Generation and Energy Trading)
  • SG Bang Bo Power Holding Co., Ltd. (Investing in and holding securities)