If you smell gas, it is possible that there is gas leakage. Kindly take the following action.

1.No fire
Never use a source of ignition such as a lighter or matches. Put off your cigarette immediately.

2.Never switch on or off your electricity appliances
Never switch on or off your electricity appliances such as light,
ventilation fans or whatever else as it may generate a spark.

3.Open windows
Open your windows and doors widely for ventilation.

4.Close all taps
Close all taps and appliances and gas meter valve.

5.Contact Shizuoka Gas office
Contact Shizuoka Gas office of your area and inform them of

  • 1.Gas smell
  • 2.The location (or address) of the smell
  • 3.Apparent situation
  • 4.Your name and contact.

Your call will be received around the clock.
*Kindly follow the automatic voice instruction if you call us at night.

Your contact in case of gas leakage or any other emergency:-

Shizuoka Office TEL054-285-2111
Fuji Office TEL0545-52-2260
East Prefecture Office TEL055-927-2811

For your information

  • The city gas we supply except in limited small areas is predominantly natural gas and classified as “13A”.
  • “13A” gas is lighter than the air thus it disperses up in case of leakage.
  • “13A” gas contains no toxic carbon monoxide thus inhaling the gas will not cause poisoning. However, combustion of gas with insufficient supply of air or use of appliances that do not match “13A” gas may cause incomplete combustion and generation of carbon monoxide. Kindly exercise precaution.