Be mindful of inspection scam!

There was a case of someone disguised as staff of Shizuoka Gas charging our customer an “inspection fee” for our regular inspection which we perform once in three years.

Kindly be reminded that in no case our staff asks you for payment for our regular inspection we perform once in three years, unless we may charge you for the agreed replacement or repair of your appliances which was done at the same time.

Request of Shizuoka Gas

If you are in doubt of our staff who comes to see you for inspection or collection of your charges,

  • 1. Kindly check his uniform and name tag and ask him to produce his company ID.
    Our inspection and charges collection crew always wear our uniform with his name tag (the name tag is never hand-written). They also bear our company ID.
  • 2. You may always contact us at our office of your area.


Shizuoka Office TEL054-285-2111
Fuji Office TEL0545-52-2260
East Prefecture Office TEL055-927-2811

The city gas we supply to you is natural gas (“13A” specification).

The city gas we supply to you is predominantly natural gas and is classified as “13A”. Be sure that all appliances you use are specified to fit the “13A” gas.
You must not use appliances specified to fit any specification other than for “13A” gas. Kindly contact Shizuoka Gas of your area for any clarification.