Hiroshi Tonoya<br/>President
Hiroshi Tonoya
Thanks to our employees, our business partners, and all of our other stakeholders, Shizuoka Gas celebrated its 100th anniversary during fiscal 2010. Since our founding, we have always responded to the changing lifestyles and needs of society. The gas we provide supports a richer and more pleasant life for consumers, and it is a resource for industry development.

Since we began importing liquefied natural gas (LNG) in 1996, we have focused on expanding the use of natural gas.

We encourage our industrial customers to be more efficient; to convert to natural gas and adopt cogeneration systems. This is just one way that we contribute to reducing CO2 levels in the community. Our efforts have led to a greater understanding of the advantages of natural gas — a major source of energy in our region.

We have created a marketing network that is responsive to local needs. Company sales staff visit each home in the community, teaching home owners the benefits of using gas. We also have local showrooms to help customers learn about the latest gas appliances.

Shizuoka Gas actively promotes low-carbon, high-comfort lifestyles. We encourage our customers to use in-home fuel cells (ENE-FARM) and we promote environmentally friendly model towns (Eco Life Square Mishima Kiyozumi) that combine ENE-FARM and solar power.

We are building out our LNG receiving terminals, making more pipelines, and securing LNG sources over the long term to ensure stable gas supply to more areas.

Natural gas is an energy that is Earth-friendly and in ready supply. It is becoming more important as a source of energy supporting the low-carbon society of the future. Japan’s national Basic Energy Plan refers to a “natural gas shift,” moving the industrial sector to the use of cogeneration, and promoting the wider use of fuel cells. Shizuoka Gas will play an increasingly important role as Japan moves to this low-carbon society.

“Identifying Today’s Needs, Shaping Tomorrow”

Our next 100 years will continue to be a time of hard work and taking on new challenges.

Hiroshi Tonoya