Beware of inspection scams!

We have received reports of individuals disguising themselves as Shizuoka Gas employees. These employees charge an “inspection fee” to perform a regular inspection (we conduct inspections once every three years).

Shizuoka Gas representatives will never ask you to pay for regular inspections. We will only ask for a payment if we replace or repair an appliance, as arranged in advance.


If you are in doubt as to the identity of a person who claims to be a Shizuoka Gas representative who is asking to perform an inspection or collect payment:


  1. Confirm that the representative is wearing a Shizuoka Gas uniform and name tag. Ask them to show you their company ID.
    Our inspection and fee collection representatives will always be in uniform with a name tag. Name tags are never hand-written. Our representatives will always be able to produce an official company ID.
  2. If in doubt, contact your nearest Shizuoka Gas office.

The city gas we supply to you is natural gas (“13A” specification).

We generally supply 13A-classified natural gas to our customers. Be sure that your appliances are certified for use with 13A gas.
Do not use appliances that are not certified for 13A gas specifically. For other questions, call the Customer Contact Center or use this web form.