If you smell gas, you may have a gas leak. If you smell gas, then take the following actions:

1.Turn off fires
Never use any source of fire, such as a lighter or matches. Put out any cigarettes immediately.


2.Do not turn on or turn off electric appliances, etc.
Do not turn on or turn off any electric appliances, including lights, ventilation fans, or any other appliance that may generate a spark when turned on or off.


3.Open windows
Open your windows and doors wide for ventilation.


4.Close all gas taps
Close all gas taps and appliances; close the gas meter valve.

5.Contact your nearest Shizuoka Gas office
Contact your nearest Shizuoka Gas office and tell them the following information:

  • 1.That you smell gas
  • 2.The location (or address) of the smell
  • 3.Current conditions/situation
  • 4.Your name and contact information

We accept calls 24/7.
*Follow the automated voice instructions if your call is after regular business hours. Contact numbers for gas leaks or other emergencies:

Your contact in case of gas leakage or any other emergency

We answer emergency calls around the clock.(24 hours 365 days)

Emergency Contact

Navi Dial*

Emergency contact for gas leaks and other urgent matters

Gas leak reporting hotline

● An automated voice system will answer after hours. Please follow the instructions.

● Certain IP telephones and other devices may not be compatible with Navi Dial.
Use the following telephone numbers if this is the case.

Fuji, Fujinomiya
Eastern Region (Numazu, Mishima, Others)

For your information

  • Except in certain limited areas, we generally supply 13A-classified natural gas.
  • Since 13A gas is lighter than air, gas from leaks will rise rises.
  • 13A gas does not contain toxic carbon monoxide. This means that inhaling the gas will not cause poisoning. However, be aware that incomplete combustion (insufficient air or use in certain appliances) of 13A gas may generate carbon monoxide.