If gas flow stops

Check the following:


1.Do you smell gas?
If you smell gas, contact your nearest Shizuoka Gas office. (If you smell gas)


2.Check to see if your hose tap or appliance tap is closed?


3.Is there gas flow to other gas appliances?

If gas is flowing to other appliances, it is likely that the appliance in question is the source of the problem.

Contact Shizuoka Gas to request a repair of problem appliances. (Request repair)

If there still is no flow of gas

Check your gas meter:


4.Is the meter valve lever below the gas meter horizontal?
If so, turn it to a vertical position to open the gas flow.


5.Is the gas meter light blinking?
If the gas meter light is blinking, perform the following steps to restore gas flow.(Restoring gas flow)

If restoration is unsuccessful, contact your nearest Shizuoka Gas office.

Your contact in case of gas leakage or any other emergency

We answer emergency calls around the clock.(24 hours 365 days)

Emergency Contact

Navi Dial*

Emergency contact for gas leaks and other urgent matters

Gas leak reporting hotline

● An automated voice system will answer after hours. Please follow the instructions.

● Certain IP telephones and other devices may not be compatible with Navi Dial.
Use the following telephone numbers if this is the case.

Fuji, Fujinomiya
Eastern Region (Numazu, Mishima, Others)

In case of an earthquake

We may turn off the gas supply in the event of an of emergency such as an earthquake.

In this event, we will post a notice on our website.