In the event of a major earthquake, your gas meter will shut off the flow of gas automatically.


If you feel an earthquake, the first thing to do is to ensure your own physical safety.

In case of a major earthquake

  1. First, ensure your own physical safety.
  2. After the earthquake ends, close gas hose taps and gas appliances.
  3. If you smell gas, turn off any flames, and then open your windows and doors for ventilation.
    *Caution: Switches for ventilation fans and other electric appliance may spark and cause ignition.
  4. Do not operate electrical switches. Contact your nearest Shizuoka Gas office.

Ensure your own physical safety in the event of an earthquake

After the earthquake ends, close gas hose taps and appliances

Open your windows and doors for ventilation.

After turning the gas back on

Ensure that you smell no gas.

{ When you smell gas }, contact your nearest Shizuoka Gas office.

After an earthquake, you will be in one of the following three situations:

No interruption of maintotal gas supply to your areasupply
→  You may continue your use of gas.


No interruption of main gas supply to your area, but the flow to your house is interrupted by the activation of your gas meter.
→  You may resume the use of gas by turning the meter back on. { Restoration of the gas meterRestoring gas flow }


Interruption of gas supply to your area.

We may stop the supply of gas to a particular area in order to avoid any secondary problems. In this case, we casualty, in which case we will informwill inform you when we reopen the supply.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.Your understanding and co-operation would be appreciated for any inconvenience caused.

We do not shut off gas supply in response to earthquake warnings by meteorological agencies.

However, we recommend that you turn off gas appliances and close gas hose taps not being used.
Close the gas meter if you are asked to evacuate your house.

Your contact in case of gas leakage or any other emergency

We answer emergency calls around the clock.(24 hours 365 days)

Emergency Contact

Navi Dial*

Emergency contact for gas leaks and other urgent matters

Gas leak reporting hotline

● An automated voice system will answer after hours. Please follow the instructions.

● Certain IP telephones and other devices may not be compatible with Navi Dial.
Use the following telephone numbers if this is the case.

Fuji, Fujinomiya
Eastern Region (Numazu, Mishima, Others)

In case of an earthquake

We may turn off the gas supply in the event of an of emergency such as an earthquake.

In this event, we will post a notice on our website.