When you move out

When you wish to cancel gas service (moving out, etc.), we will send a Shizuoka Gas Eneria representative to visit you and do the work necessary to shut off your gas. You may request shut-off service via telephone.

We are particularly busy between mid-March to mid-April. Be sure to call as quickly as possible when you need service. Have the following information ready when you call:

Please have the following information ready when you contact us:

  • Scheduled date and time of move (date you wish to turn gas off)
  • Your full name
  • Your physical address
  • Your current telephone number
  • Your customer number (as printed on your monthly bill)
  • Your new physical address after you move
  • Your new telephone number

*We will turn off the gas and finalize your account.

Customer Contact Center

Contact Us

Navi Dial

Customer Contact Center

● Certain IP telephones and other devices may not be compatible with Navi Dial.
Use the following telephone numbers if this is the case.

Fuji, Fujinomiya
Eastern Region (Numazu, Mishima, Others)

Operating Hours

Monday-Friday【8:45 to 19:00】    /    Saturday, Sunday, Holidays, New Year’s (December 29 to January 4), May 1【8:45 to 18:00】

Turning off your service

Our representative will visit your house at the scheduled data and time, check your gas meter, and close the gas meter valve. You must be home to grant access to our representative to your apartment and/or gas meter. The entire process should take about 10 minutes.

Finalizing your account

Our representative will check your gas meter and finalize your account:

  • If your bill is paid by automatic bank debit, the final bill will be settled by the same procedure. The transfer will take place about 15 days after canceling service.
  • If your bill is paid by a credit card, the same card may be used to settle the final bill.
  • If your bill is been paid by bank transfer, the transfer form will be mailed to you to the address you indicate.
  • You may also pay our representative in cash, if you wish.

If you move to a new address inside the Shizuoka Gas service area, you may continue to use the same automatic bank debit. Please inform us if this is the case.