Shizuoka Gas will reduce the heating value of their gas from 46 MJ/m3 (43,600 Btu/Scf) to 45 MJ/m3 (42,650 Btu/Scf) from September 7, 2005 and at the same time lower their regulated tariff to smaller customers by Yen 0.31/m3. The gas supplied to their customers is not 100% natural gas imported in the form of LNG. Before it is sent out, LPG is added until it accounts for 5-6% of the total gas volume, to raise the heating value to 46 MJ/m3, which is within the band of the licensed specification called 13A. The percentage of LPG could be slightly reduced while staying within the 13A range. Even this would contribute to reducing the cost, as the delivered price of LPG is significantly higher than the delivered price of LNG.