Shizuoka Gas Opened Singapore Office

May 7, 2015

SHIZUOKA GAS CO., LTD. (President: Mr. Hiroshi Tonoya; hereinafter “Shizuoka Gas”) opened its representative office in Singapore in April this year.


Shizuoka Gas opened its first representative office outside Japan (hereinafter “Singapore Office”) for the purpose of enhancing the value of its LNG terminal*, which has been sought for as one of key activities under its Mid-Term Business Plan for 2015-2017.

Shizuoka Gas will act in Singapore, where various LNG players have their offices, in order to broaden its networking and study business opportunities related to natural gas and energy in Asia Pacific region.


Shizuoka Gas is continuously committed to become the best energy solution provider in its supply areas by pursuing the possibilities for the reduction of LNG cost with new forms of the utilization of its LNG terminal* through the research activities of Singapore Office, beyond its current activities contemplated in Japan until today. 

*Shimizu LNG Terminal operated by a subsidiary of Shizuoka Gas