Shizuoka Gas Co., Ltd. (President: Mr. Hiroshi Tonoya, “SHIZGAS”) participates in natural gas business in Indonesia by entering into business alliance with an Indonesian energy company, PT Mitra Energi Persada Tbk (“MEP”).

One of the important strategies of SHIZGAS is to expand its overseas business with utilizing its know-how and efficient energy systems fostered in Japan.


SHIZGAS has decided to advance into energy market in Indonesia where the energy demand for power generation and industry is going to increase under its remarkable population and economic growth and we can support such growing demand by taking advantage of our strength in technology and solution skill.
This is our 3rd achievement following our participation in Singapore and Thailand.


SHIZGAS has acquired 7.5% of MEP’s issued shares and we, collaborating with MEP, will undertake to expand sales of natural gas for industrial customers in and around South Sumatra Province. Furthermore, we will also pursue new business opportunities which support developments of decentralized energy infrastructure in the island state and encourage more efficient and environmentally-friendly use of energy in Indonesia and thus contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases.

We will continuously pursue and accelerate such efforts for new business opportunities around growing Asian market.

■MEP in brief