With the summer heat coming, Japanese industry is responding to the cabinet's call to save energy and reduce global warming gases. Many public and private sector organizations have agreed to set the air-conditioning in their offices at higher temperatures, while allowing staff to work in less formal attire. Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi set up a group within his cabinet earlier this year to combat the issue of emissions of global warming gases, so that the country can fulfill its commitment under the Kyoto Protocol to reduce emissions of global warming gases to a level 6% below that of 1990.

Shizuoka Gas will join this campaign from 1st June. It will not only reset the air-conditioning temperature to 28 degrees centigrade (82 degrees Fahrenheit) but also reduce its water and electricity consumption.

This is in addition to its contribution to the cause through the promotion of natural gas to its industrial customers by switching from the purchase of electric power and steam to the installation of gas-fired co-generation systems.