June 23, 2010


Shizuoka Gas Company (Shizuoka Gas) today signed heads of agreement (HOA) with Osaka Gas Company (Osaka Gas) on key terms and conditions for purchase of liquefied natural gas (LNG).
This agreement will add to the company's existing sources of LNG, thereby reinforcing the stable procurement of natural gas.
Shizuoka Gas, through development and expansion of its natural gas markets, is committed to continued contribution to the local community's prosperity and realization of a low carbon society.

Gist of HOA
  1. Parties      Osaka Gas (seller) and Shizuoka Gas (buyer)
  2. Duration   20 years from 2014
  3. Quantity   Approximately 300,000 tons per annum
  4. Delivery    Ex-ship at Shizuoka Gas receiving terminal

Osaka Gas Company
    President          Mr. Hiroshi Ozaki
    Headquarters   Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture

Shizuoka Gas Company
    President          Mr. Seigo Iwasaki
    Headquarters   Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture