The Board of Directors was held on November 8, 2010 and appointed Mr. Seigo IWASAKI (64), currently President, to be Chairman and CEO and Mr. Hiroshi TONOYA (57), currently Senior Managing Director, to succeed Mr. Iwasaki as President and also to assume the post of COO, both effective from January 1, 2011. Their responsibilities are now more clearly defined as CEO and COO so that Mr. Iwasaki is charged with supreme decision on management policy and strategy, whereas Mr. Tonoya leads the executive officers for execution of day-to-day businesses of the company.

The new management is committed to take continued challenges of the company’s contribution to the local community as well as for sustained growth of the company, with the aim of achieving the company’s motto, “Envision better living and create tomorrow.”

Mr. Hiroshi Tonoya joined Shizuoka Gas Company in 1976 immediately after finishing his study in Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan, with a degree of law. He has occupied various positions within the company including Head of Administration in 1997, General Manager of Corporate Planning Department in 2007 and most recently Senior Managing Director in charge of Corporate Planning and Corporate Services. He is married with two children.