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Navi Dial

Navi Dial is a telephone service offered by NTT Communications.

(Certain IP telephones and other devices may not be compatible with Navi Dial.)

Use of Navi Dial includes charges:

  • NTT fixed-line telephones: ¥8.5 per three minutes (¥9.18 including tax)
  • Direct-line telephones (including Hikari Denwa (fiber optic telephones) and IP telephones (other than 050 numbers): ¥10 per 3.5 minutes (¥10.8 including tax)
  • Mobile phones, PHS, automobile telephones: ¥10 per 20 seconds (¥10.8 including tax)


  • Local-call discount services do not apply when calling from fixed-line telephones.
  • Free call minutes and discounted call services included in basic contract usage fees for mobile phones do not apply when using Navi Dial.
  • Regular public phone charges apply when using public pay telephones.
  • Certain IP telephones and other devices are not compatible with Navi Dial. Use the following telephone numbers if this is the case.